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We are a non-profit organization that is dedicated to reaching young people impacted by parental incarceration where they are physically, mentally, spiritually and financially.


Our Mission...

 Our mission is to become a catalyst for change for youth and other individuals who are systematically rendered broken through parental incarceration, social and environmental ills by improving the quality of life for undereducated, disadvantaged and at-risk families in our communities.

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Our Past & Current Programs Include


Family Bonding

We offer transportation for children to visit incarcerated parents as well as assist with phone, email & written communication expenses.


Anger Management

Without anger management, children struggle to concentrate in school, exhibit increased behavior problems, or have difficulty forming healthy relationships.


Mentoring Children

We connect children with appropriate resources and programs for their ongoing

and well rounded development



We also educate incarcerated parents on the need and benefits of constant contact with their children


Grief Counseling

Sometimes, ongoing distress arises when the loss stems from particularly difficult circumstances. Grief counseling can help kids find healthy ways to deal with with

their emotions.   


Coping Skills

 We also teach learning and coping skills, developing independent living skills for both children and parents affected by incarceration  


Mended Hearts & Families will, through education and outreach, rebuild lives and restore communities of youth and residents in Pulaski County who have been impacted by parental incarceration.


Mended Hearts & Families Inc. provides intensive support services within structured a learning environment for at risk youth, many of whom have histories of parents with substance abuse and/or mental health issues, inadequate independent living skills, low educational levels and little or no employment history that eventually led to incarceration. Our support services will be goal-oriented with an emphasis on healthy family bonds, understanding the impact of poor decision making on the family, forgiveness and taking responsibility for one’s action (or inactions).


Mended Hearts & Families Inc. assists youth who have incarcerated parents. Many children are unable to keep consistent healthy parental contact due to lack of transportation to visit their parents or guardians that lack the resources or interest to travel or encourage constant contact. Not to mention the education and counseling needed to help children understand and grieve the temporary or permanent loss of their parent. Mended Hearts & Families Inc. is building a program that in the future will also offer short- and long-term transitional housing (12 to 24 months) and counseling for recently released parents who need help resuming the role of parent.

 To provide mentoring and tutorial programs for youths ages 1 – 18 for career prep.

Provide emotional development skills, anger management skills, conflict resolution and grief counseling for youth who have lost parents through incarceration. 

To provide participants with the life skills and knowledge to understand the need to maintain healthy relationships and to cultivate a bond between child and incarcerated parent.

To reduce the epidemic of violence, crimes, and youth suicides by the creation of prevention and intervention programs

Become a clearinghouse of community resources and become a one-stop shop for mentoring, counseling, education and transportation services.

To encourage residents to understand the impact of incarceration on children and create open discussions, youth mentoring and healthier lifestyles through education, outreach, and participation.

Our Goals


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